3 Great Driveway Improvement Ideas: Scrubbing Painting Or A Slate Driveway

By: Leo Onthriar

Let there be no doubt about it but that driveways really do tend to take a beating, and it's not hard to figure out why this is so either. It's the vehicles that are coming constantly coming going on it that can have your driveway looking worn and in need of some TLC.
Then if you stop to think about it, your driveway really is the big "welcome mat" for your home because it's the first thing visitors see when they turn off the street. So there really is just a lot to be said about a nice well-kept driveway that can shine a positive light on the home that it leads to. So take a quick look outside at yours, and chances are if your home is more than a few years old that it can at use at least a little attention. Something to deal with the surface issues because after all the last thing you want to get involved with, is the expense and labor that comes with a complete demolition and placement job. So your first and easiest option, is to give it a good cleaning, and not just a hose down and a scrub with soap and broom either. Rather what you need to do the trick, is a heavy duty industrial strength detergent applied with a rented mechanical scrubber. This alone can work wonders to rid it of unsightly oil stains and give you driveway a whole new facelift. Now granted mechanically scrubbing the concrete surface is a bit of a physical job, so you may want to consider contacting a local businesses that specializes in this type of work. Also if your driveway is in better shape, perhaps a quick pressure washing treatment might do the trick.
Then your second option beyond that, is to have your driveway painted and before you discount this option you should take the time to look at exterior cement surfaces that have been painted. Concrete paints and stains of come a long way over the years, and they can really make an affordable difference in a worn concrete or asphalt surface. Also another thing to consider if your driveway has cracks and pitted areas that need to be patched, is that a solid surface covering with a good quality concrete paint will give it a nice even look. The paint will go right over patch-work and repaired cracks and leave it with uniform color.
Then option number three is to give your driveway a brand-new surface treatment with tile, and natural slate tile is the recommended look. You see, if you stop to think about it, a cement driveway really is the first stage of slate tile driveway job, so no pretreatment is needed beyond a good cleaning. Now granted a slate tile driveway is the most expensive and labor-intensive option of the three but it is by far the one that will give the "biggest boost" your homes curb appeal. A slate tile driveway just looks like "a million bucks" and this a classic look too, so you don't have to worry about it becoming dated like other concrete coverings all too soon can. Slates a natural stone too, so it's an excellent choice for an exterior tile covering, and because it's stone it's tough and that's important for heavy traffic surface covering. Then another big plus going for a slate tile driveway, is that little chips and scrapes are no problem on its matte toned surface because they're a snap to polish out.

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