3 EFFECTIVE Home Remedies for Vaginal Yeast Infection

By: Linda Allen

For immediate effects that can be astounding, the right choice and safe usage of the appropriate home remedy can be beneficial for the greater part of all sufferers. There are indeed home remedies that will alleviate most of the symptoms linked to vaginal yeast infections when identified and applied as indicated. But how far do effective home remedies for yeast infection of the vagina go? The answer is that no home remedy will by itself permanently resolve yeast infection, even though it can greatly help. This is because whether the infection is of the vagina or other parts, yeast infection is a complex case where multiple elements are involved.

Vaginal candidiasis or vaginal Candida infection as yeast infection of the vagina is also called, is the result of Candida species multiplying out of control. Candida is the fungal microorganism that occurs naturally in the human organism. It is mostly to be found in warm, dark places such as the mouth, the genital areas and the intestines and it feeds on proteins and sugars. Under normal conditions, Candida is of no harm, because its numbers are limited by beneficial "guard" bacteria that also live in the human organism and contribute to the defense system to keep away infections by viruses, parasites and bacteria, while also aiding digestion.

There are a number of conditions leading to Candida overgrowth, including use of antibiotics over an extended period, poor diets, emotional or mental stress, and pregnancy. Candida can then get into the bloodstream and generate the notorious symptoms related to candidiasis. When in addition Candida is transported by the bloodstream to different parts of the body, the symptoms then become not only local but also systemic.

The most frequent local subtype of yeast infection is vaginal Candida infection. Up to 3 out of every 4 women will suffer this at least once in their lifetime. Characteristic symptoms include vaginal discharge with odor, pain in the vulva, itching in the vagina and different degrees of rawness, redness, burning and stinging. This very disagreeable condition can, if ignored, become yet more painful and serious as time passes, the negative impact spreading to a wide range of bodily functions.

Successful application of home treatment can be done for the greater part of all instances of vaginal infection. With the right decision and natural methods, tens of home remedies exist to effectively help candidiasis victims. Simple and safe applications at home against yeast infection include the following three examples:

1. Consumption every day of garlic and external application of garlic (put chopped garlic into cheesecloth and insert into the vagina for around two hours). The properties of garlic make it a strong prebiotic, anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-fungal agent, adept at culling Candida and bringing beneficial bacteria back into action.

2. Ingesting every day and also applying externally plain, sheep or goat's milk yogurt. This yogurt should be unheated and sugar free, as well as organic. The application is made by injecting it into the vagina for a minimum of 60 minutes).

3. When there is excessive acidity in the bloodstream, and the genital and intestinal parts, this encourages Candida multiplication. This acidity often derives from long-term medication use, mental complications and/or bad diet habits. However, organic apple cider vinegar has the alkalizing feature that allows it to bound Candida's activity and also its multiplication. Unlike most other vinegar types, organic apple cider vinegar helps to decrease the degree of acidity in the body and restore it to the right level in balance with the alkalis. For this, make a solution of organic apple cider vinegar (2 tablespoons per a quart of clean water) to apply as a douche to the vagina, or (half a cup of this vinegar for each bath) for taking a bath.

As a remark, although the home remedies that we have just mentioned can be very effective for alleviating the symptoms of vaginal candidiasis, they are not a full holistic treatment and do not treat the underlying causes that would then help to cure and prevent more severe cases. It is the internal problem that needs to be resolved if you are to benefit from a true long-term solution to the problem of yeast infection.

Did you realize that a holistic and all-natural holistic program will commence its beneficial effects immediately to make vaginal yeast infection symptoms go away while also bringing about a long-term, permanent healing?

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