25 Hilarious Bumper Stickers for Your Wife

By: Buck Thompson..

If your budget is a little short, you can still find a great present for your wife. Try a funny or cute bumper sticker. It doesn't matter whether it's Valentine's Day, Christmas or birthday (although it helps if the bumper sticker's attached to a brand new car). A bumper sticker is a great gift as just a little token surprise, and should be a fun little present. If you want to find a great bumper sticker for your wife, try to find a saying that's clever and that fits with her personality or viewpoint. Think of a sticker as a type of T-shirt for her car. As with a T-shirt, a bumper sticker should be a reflection of your wife. Try these ideas to get your creative juices flowing, so that you can come up with some variations that will make it personal.
Philosophizing -- in a funny way
Fun and sarcastic, these little wisdom gems are sarcastic to just the right degree. If a sharp wit and a quick tongue are your wife's domain, she'll probably like these.
1.You have the right to remain silent. If you don't, you'll be misquoted and what you DIDN'T say will be used against you.
2.God created Adam before he created Eve because he needed to practice before he did the masterpiece.
3.Be proud of your modesty!
4.Borrow money from a pessimist-they don't expect it back.
5.That's a car you're driving, not a phone booth!
Being a Wife
There are many bumper stickers for the wife, some are sarcastic and witty, others are sweet while still others reflect the female stereotype (all in good fun, of course). You can have lots of fun with these.
6.Saw It... Wanted It... Had A Fit... Got It!
7.So you want a new car for your husband? Trading up, I see.
8.Sometimes I wake up crabby. But if I can, I let him sleep.
9.Shhh! I'm Having a "Happily Ever After" Moment
On Being a Mom
If your wife is also a mother, she'll enjoy having the challenges, joys and headaches of motherhood encapsulated on her own personal bumper sticker.
10.Be nice to your kids. They'll be responsible for YOU when you get older.
11.It's Been Great, but I Have To Have a Breakdown Now
12.Honk if you see me lose a kid.
13.I drive my kids everywhere! (But they just drive me crazy.)
14.Because I'm the mommy, and I said so.
Crazy Driving
It depends, but sometimes, "crazy driver" bumper stickers can get you a good laugh. If it's not going to get you into too much trouble, choose the stereotypical "women drivers" approach, or just go with "crazy drivers" in general if that's more suitable.
15.Stay Back -- I'm Changing Lanes.
16.Caution - Driver Legally Blonde!
17.If everything is coming your way, watch out! You're going against traffic!
18.You go ahead and keep honking. I'll just be a minute. I'm reloading.
Just Plain Crazy
Crazy bumper stickers are always fun. Pick up a funny saying about just how 'out there' she is - unless she really is nuts. In that case, you'd better stick with something safe like a mommy sticker.
19.I Do Whatever My Rice Krispies Tell Me To.
20.I Haven't Lost My Mind, It's Backed Up On Disk Somewhere
21.Oy, I'm diagonally parked in a parallel universe.
22.My reality check just bounced.
Parting Shots
These don't really fit into a particular category, but are great fun anyway. Maybe finding something from this category will be more appropriate.
23.You can't have everything; where would it go?
24. A woman and her 4x4, the perfect pair.
25.If Barbie is so popular, why are her friends available for sale on the clearance aisle?
Bumper stickers can be fun and a great way to let your loved know that you were thinking of her, as well as what you think of her. Just make sure it's in good fun and will get a laugh from her. After all, that's the reason you did it, right?

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