2012 the end of the world"?"

By: CMAenergy

We're damned if we do and we're damned if we don't. Which is it you will choose? Procrastination the route of all evil or to live. Will we make it through the crisis coming?!br>
What did we say? The end of the world! Fear mongers are at it again!

How blind and stupid do you think we are?

Even in the good book it does NOT say the end of the world! What does it really say?
It refers to the end of the AGE! The AGE as you and man knows it today!

Davinchi (Da Vinci) has given predictions into the future. He was not God! and his predictions whether they come true or not will only be found in time. The bible also talks of a time like this. Can you or any one prepare yourself safely?

Many religious organizations speak of a lifting off this earth to go with the Messiah, Think these people need some spiritual teachings of what the bible actually implies! So we'll leave that subject alone for now. We don't want to get into a religious war!

Since when are you so incompetent that you actually believe this is going to be the end of the world?

Come on let's get real! Yes there will be many up heaval's in the land and we will have continental shift and vast destruction world wide. But even your bible says after the coming of the "messiah" there will be few left. That means the world will still be here! Many will be lost because they did not listen or take advise to help those who are trying to help others.

Why don't you get ready for this which is coming on this earth? You know this world if it physically becomes destroyed. Which probably it will! Now you should be scared.

Ask yourself, What will you do? What will you use for energy? How will you get around?
You know when an upheaval of any sort can completely destroy any and all access to fossil fuels! Will it happen? (Probably!) Can you predict the future? If this happens you can predict that the cost of fossil fuels will definitely go up! So you will be paying 50$ a litre!

Not even the wealthy will have a source to fossil fuels, Because what has been described no one will be able to contain their oils and all will be lost in ground shifts. So will access to under ground oil supplies be gone! BINGO! Do you think solar panels and wind chargers will be still around? Not possible with the destruction that is described. Then who will have energy? Only those who help with this advanced research will be the first to have this energy.

Then what do you do? If you don't get prepared now to stop and help with the only energy research to stop global warming (established in 1980). How do you expect to have any energy that one can use after assuming all the destruction that is predicted to come upon this earth?

Then ask yourself, What if there is no upheaval or land destruction to occur as all the worry mongers are predicting? What do you do then? "Nothing!" Or should you still prepare for the problems that are coming on this earth from the "CARBON FOOTPRINT" Then let's get real and do some thing now while there is still time!

Hey you can do nothing and follow the leaders of confusion or help with the only research that has the only possibility of stopping all global warming and replacing all use of all fossil fuels. No exceptions!

What would you like to do? Procrastinate and let others do it for you and let it happen years down the line when you are all forced to follow the leaders of confusion with their dictatorship that will come or have a mind of your own and live in peace and harmony with nature before it's to late?

How would you like to give your children a future to look forward to? One that children don't have to fight smog and pollution and being told they can't do this or that because it's to fragile to the environment because we are so close to destroying our earth.

How would you like to see the use of all fossil fuel burning implements come to a grinding halt? Then get with it and help with this research before it's to damned late!

Would you like to see the day come when you can travel any where on this earth for FREE? Would you like to boat or fly any where on this earth for FREE?
Have you also considered one might be able to travel in space for FREE also?
Have you considered that there may also be a medical benefit to all this? Not only will all fossil fuel pollution stop. There may also be special techniques that one can use to alter and destroy viruses etc.

Then break FREE of the cycle that burdens you to donate and stop global warming, stop climate change and stop the use of fossil fuels before it's to late.

Realise one thing when you donate. We prefer not to accept donations over 1000 Dollars. Without you first contacting us. (We must know this will not hurt you or your family financially)
We only want and ask of a simple person such as you and ourselves only pocket change.

Thank you
David Chura,
Research investigator field of CMA energy (since1980)

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