2009 Year of the Ox

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Not a pencil moves in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan or Singapore without word from the Feng Shui master. The infrastructure and city design in Hong Kong and Singapore follow strict and most auspicious Feng Shui guidelines, in fact, the financial prosperity of these cities are attributed to good Feng Shui.

We know well that any new business can only begin operations after the Feng Shui master has visited the premises and given the auspicious date for opening. The same goes for dates in which to be married, start planning a family, get a name for a newborn child, buy a home, or make a considerable investment. While we are not suggesting that Feng Shui is the way, the truth is that nothing takes shape after all the Kung Hey Fat Choi’s have been sung and the prediction of the year has been made.

2009 is the year of the Ox representing a construction and building phase after a 12-year cycle.

Since Hong Kong is the Aspen Group’s home, we would be unwise to not listen to the guidance of the great Feng Shui masters. While we would never dare to make any type of financial prediction or give advice in these dire days, we’ve been asked for whichever suggestion may come to mind. Below is a brief summary of Hong Kong’s most afamed and reputable Hong Kong Feng Shui Master, Raymond Lo. Master Lo is a professional Feng Shui researcher and developer. His predictions have come to fruition in years before. Take them with a grain of salt!

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"The Ox is a complicated Earth element. In general 2009 is a year of continual cooling down but showing signs of more stability and calmness with steady upward trend in the stock market.

The earth element of the Ox year favors wood and fire industries. Wood conquers earth, so industries related to forestry, furniture, fashion, textile, paper, media, newspaper and environmental protection shall perform well. As for fire industries, Fire gives birth to earth, so the earth element in the year indicates productivity and strong activity in finance, entertainment, power generating, electricity, electronic products, energy, oil and gas.

The unfavorable industrial sectors in 2009 are Water and Metal industries. Water industries include shipping, transport, communication, drinks, etc. Water conquers fire. Fire is the symbol of money to water industry. The absence of fire in 2009 shows this area is not so prosperous. Metal industries include high tech, computer, banking, engineering, skin care, cars etc. Metal conquers wood, so metal industry will be favorable in a wood year. In 2009, there is no wood element. This year is good for investment but not profit making for the metal industry. The theory is that metal always needs fire to melt it into useful tools; so, when fire is weak, metal industry will also suffer.

The earth industry represents property, housing, construction, mining, insurance, hotels….etc. will have an active year as there is hidden water and metal in the Ox, which symbolizes money and productivity to the earth industry. However, competition will be strong which means there are plenty of opportunities and activities in this sector but the strong competition will erode the money profit. In summary, the industries that will perform well in the year of the Ox will be industries related to Wood and Fire elements. Wood industries are fashion, textile, publications, furniture, and environment protection. Fire industries are entertainment, finance, energy. ”

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