2009 Chiropractic Marketing Strategies

By: Matthew Loop DC

The best kept secret in chiropractic marketing has been coveted by DCs for the past two years to reach phenomenal levels of success. With this secret, chiropractors are able to quickly increase their exposure, brand themselves in their community while building credibility and trust, and utterly transform their financial profile almost immediately. Those who know the secret are still laughing about it with a cigar in their mouth, and those who havent known it have faced serious financial setbacks. And, wouldnt you know, this secret form of chiropractic marketing is totally free.
So, what is this phenomenal medium for getting your message across to thousands of members of your community easily and at no cost to you? The answer is chiropractic video marketing! Mark my words, in 2009 video marketing for chiropractors will explode! Early adopters like myself have been reaping massive financial rewards and acquiring new patients left and right from this amazing change in communication dynamics. Videos work for you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This, as far as I'm concerned, is one of the best forms of leverage for your practice.
When you meet members of your community on these social media sites, you can begin to share you practice and expertise with them. When people meet you this way, they think of you for their next chiropractic issue, because they feel that they already know you and trust you. With video marketing, print advertising has reached its end. If you take one video and upload it to 30 different sharing sites, and that gets 5 views a day on each site, were talking 1.050 views a week!
Now, imagine that youre doing pay per click, and this same popularity would cost you over a thousand dollars a week! But instead of one video, now you have 10. Do you see the potential power? Do you also see the potential downfall of using pay per click? Chiropractic marketing in 2009 is about to be transformed by video marketing. If you dont get on this massive tidal wave, youre going down with the undertow.
Video marketing is perhaps the easiest and cheapest way to get monumental amounts of exposure and respect on the internet. The amount of credibility and trust that you gain will put you in a prime position for success in all the months to come. Think about your videos as selling YOU-- the product. More than your expertise or your practice, people want to believe in you, and buy into that product.
When I first began to make videos, I didnt even have a camera yet. I simply used my screen-capture software off my computer. These days, even little digital cameras have video capability, so youre going to be able to find something you can use to get started. The time is now to get started with this chiropractic marketing secret; and it wont be a secret for long. Did you know that over half the content online is video material? Start out by setting a goal to make one or two videos each week about your chiropractic practice. As for me, Im up to three a week, and seeing phenomenal returns.
Nobody likes rejection, and the beauty of video marketing is that you dont really have to face that. New patients come to you. You dont chase them! Start by telling your chiropractic story on your video, and tell it genuinely. Go ahead and be sincere, and show the camera who you really are, and what is meaningful to you as a chiropractor. Once you tell your story, make your videos about the patient, and the patients needs and concerns.
I cant begin to explain how my life has been transformed since beginning video marketing. The amount of leveraging is amazing, and the increased wealth has done wonders. Start making videos today, and as you continue to practice youll improve more and more. If you ride the wave of 2009, youre in for an amazing journey!

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