12 Musts of Great Companies: Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes Present Ultimate Business Mastery Summit

By: Robert Smith

Business strategists Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes have teamed up to teach business owners how to build wildly successful companies despite tough times. The Ultimate Business Mastery Summit will be held in Las Vegas on March 31st through April 4th.
This event is structured the way your business should be designed.
Super Strategies First:
All great companies first do the following:
Must 1. You have carefully plotted out the ultimate strategic position that you should have in the market. This means that you not only know what your advantages are against your competitors but that every person a
Must 2. Going deeper: You have also observed the trends in your market and have expertly developed how your company is positioned among those trends, thus dramatically strengthening your market position. A true master strategist thinks and plans everything before they deploy a single tactic.
Case Study: Company X sold vitamins. Their USP (unique selling proposition) was that their vitamins were organic and supported the organs of the body (liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, etc). It was a strong position and they closed two out of ten prospects for whom they presented. So they had Must 1 down and it worked well.
But then they added Must 2 and it quadrupled their closing ratio from two out of ten buying to EIGHT of ten. The "trends" around nutrition are as follows: In 1929, the average male sperm count was 100 million sperms per milliliter. Today, its only five million. Thats a NINETY FIVE percent decline in male fertility (fact, by the way). Scary, no doubt. More In 1940 the average serving of spinach contained 158 milligrams of iron. Today, its two (from 158 to 2). Two total milligrams of iron per serving. So you can eat all the spinach you want, its not going to give you the nutrition you need. Anyone feeling more motivated to get some nutrition supplements? Darn right you are.
Thats market data and it is way more motivational that product data. Whatever you sell, there is market data that can dramatically strengthen your market position dramatically! At this event, you will go through exercises that deftly help you develop a strategic position that can dramatically enhance your market position. This will strengthen 100 different areas of your business as youll learn below.
The other thing this strategy does is widen your appeal, thus enabling you to get in front of a lot more prospects for the same money youre already spending. This is the "commerce shaping" marketing weve been talking about. This marketing approach is so powerful that everyone who learns it will adapt to this method and dramatically increase their potency and appeal of their marketing.
Must 3: Do you know the difference between a strategy and tactic? Musts one and two refer to strategy, but it goes deeper. A sales call is an example of a tactic.
Becoming a super strategist should be a red hot goal of every business owner looking to survive and even thrive during this period of history. And if youre not a fantastic strategies you will get slaughtered if you come up against one.
Lets go deeper.
With each tactic you deploy, you should have at least 14 different strategic objectives that youve thought through and that you are implementing at the tactical level. As an example, if we ask you what you want to accomplish in a sales call you might say: "I want to make a sale."
What else?
Do you want to be trusted? Do you want to respected? Would it increase your closing ratio if you were perceived as an expert? In the nutrition company example, by teaching prospects the information mentioned above, it dramatically elevated the status of the salesperson in the eyes of the buyer. People will buy way faster from experts. How well have you positioned your salespeople as experts? Watch how being an expert shifts the power in any meeting to the expert. These are very advanced concepts that only a fleeting few company-owners ever understand and even fewer master. The deeper you look at these concepts, the more powerful they become.
At the event, you will walk through how you can achieve a dozen or more strategic objectives for EACH tactic. Your website, your trade shows, your ads, and so on. You will become a master of marketing AND strategy at this event. The gains from this learning curve will put you in the very top of marketing and selling in the world today. If youre up for that, please apply.
Must 4: Leadership and Management: How you lead, how you manage, how you organize your company, how you procedurize your business, these are ALL necessary if you want to be the best company in your market, industry or profession. If your business is running by talent and not procedures, you may be in for a huge fall. Lord forbid that you lose key talent.
The only way to have a business that runs without you is to genuinely know the proper techniques for management and leadership. This is a SKILL and skills are learned.
Whether youre a one-person army or a CEO with 10,000 employees, there are smarter, better, faster and more effective ways to lead and manage and they will be masterfully covered by world experts at this event.
Must 5: Mastering productivity: How well are you managing your productivity and the productivity of your staff? Do you have a time-management plan and steps for every person on your team, implemented by every person, especially by the CEO? You must know how to get that working at every level of your company. This one skill alone is worth ten times the cost of the event and it will be expertly revealed.
Must 6: Training: What does the training look like, sound like and feel like in your company? What methods of training do you utilize? How well have you structured training? If you are a one-person army, you need to look at your personal training. If you have staff, training becomes a critical component of a well-designed company. There are six primary methods of training. Do you know what they are and have you mastered them in your company?
Must 7: The nine steps to implement anything: Make no mistake, knowledge isnt power. Its the use of knowledge that gives us power. If you do not have clearly defined and expertly policed methods of implementation, then all ideas ultimately fail to really propel your company forward. This event will expertly detail how to implement anything.
Must 8: Maximizing profit: There are 11 primary ways to maximize the profit of most companies. Most companies have millions in lost profits that they do not even realize. At this event, you will go through an exercise that will yield you at least ten times the cost of the event (in pure profit, by your own calculations) or the event is free.
Must 9: Hiring and talent: Most companies are just not serious enough about how they hire. Hiring is a growth strategy, not just a tactical need. Great companies have great management teams that are artfully selected to fill specific and perfect needs. We have the worlds leading experts on recruiting, compensation and hiring strategies. You can make hiring mistakes that cost you millions or make you millions.
Additionally, youre going to learn several self-funding growth strategies. Imagine being able to hire fifty salespeople on straight commission. You think this wont work for you? Almost any company can design a front-end marketing and sales strategy that can generate revenue almost immediately, even if your product or service has a long sales cycle. This method can increase your ability to take in clients at ten times your normal rate and it works for just about any product or service in ingenious ways you cant currently imagine.
Musts 1 though 9 above are all your "Super Strategies." They are the foundation upon which all great companies are built. Skip any part of them and you will never have a truly great company that runs without you.
Sub-strategies will ask: How are you going to approach your market? Do you have a strategy for targeting? What are your main pillars of approaching your market? How will you evolve the business? Were still not into the tactics yet, thats coming.
Must 10: Best buyer strategy: In addition to everything else youre doing, you need a "Best Buyer Strategy." This means that you have a special effort to attract the dream buyers youve always wanted. Chet Holmes has had 60 of the Fortune 500 as clients. He secured them all himself, by intensely targeting and marketing to them. This includes NBC, Solomon Brothers, Times Mirror, American Express, Citibank, Estee Lauder, Apple Computers, IBM and so on. Each of these clients was barraged at the highest level until they submitted and became clients.
For some, even one "Dream" client can make a huge difference. Imagine if you got 28 of them in the next six months using the plan unveiled to you at this landmark event.
For those who sell to consumers, there are consumers who are much wealthier than all consumers and you should have a special effort to target and attract those dream buyers as well. Youll discover how a restaurant chain sold out their tables, using this strategy, filling every seat with a best buyer. Youll also be shown how chiropractors, dentists, real estate brokers, financial advisors and many others who target the end consumer, became super wealthy, by targeting the super wealthy in an intensive way.
What about your company? Do you have a special effort for your dream clients? Heres an important tip: This is a strategy that requires little investment to gain big rewards. As Chet Holmes teaches, "There are always a smaller number of best buyers than there are all buyers, so they are a lot less expensive to market to."
Must 11: 100 plus tactics deployed expertly: How many ways to attract clients do you currently have? Most companies are lucky if they have three or four methods. Thats not enough. Were going to cover over 100 ways to market to your buyers and half of them are free. So you have no excuse not to deploy them.
At this event, there are five experts on the internet alone. For most products or services today, 85% of all buying is initiated on the internet (if only for research). Are you there at the top of the search engines when folks are doing their research? Advertising tries to get prospects to respond. But when folks are on the web doing their buying research, they are your absolute best buyers. Would you rather advertise to reach all people where the few might be buyers or be right where the buyers are looking when they are ready to buy? See if you can qualify to attend this miraculous event and become a master of the web.
This barrage of fantastic internet information and compelling strategies is worth every penny of this event all by itself, and its just a single tactic. We have recruited the absolute finest experts in the world at internet strategies. They will teach you cutting edge information that is not even available on a widely-known basis, putting you ahead of the rest of the world, and more importantly, your biggest competitors.
Imagine a five day event that teaches all this and by the best of the best in the world today. You will learn things that are not even being shared yet in the mass market: Insights and secrets that only Tony Robbins and his team of experts can uncover and make available to you. You can imagine that Tony Robbins has access to the best information and experts in the world. For this event, Tony has pulled out all the stops for the few who qualify to attend.
Once these ideas are unveiled at this event, they will begin to shape commerce around the globe. The question is, do you want to be at the head of that growth curve or playing catch-up?
Must 12: Prioritization: Imagine youve just completed this 5-day event where you learned from 10 of the worlds leading experts how to design the ultimate company, how to market, sell and manage better than 99.99% of business owners and executives on the planet today. Youve also gleaned a significant and serious amount of breakthroughs that will propel many aspects of your business forward in ways you cannot currently imagine.
What do you do with this information? What is the most important action you take first? What do you do second, third, fourth? How do you allocate your resources properly? You will have an expertly guided planning session on how to maximize and use the information youve learned at the event. This session helps you rank, in order, the first action, the second action, the third action and so on, to make sure that you properly prioritize according to the best opportunities.
The Plan:
Now that you have had a significant upgrade of skills and you are seriously ready to implement, you will need a complete plan that includes strategies, tactics and specific steps. You will even lay out who will take ownership of what tasks. It will all be done while you are at the event, so you leave with your full-on "Ultimate Business Perfection Plan."
Overall: This is a 5-day immersion training experience, specifically designed to upgrade and seriously sharpen every aspect of your business. This will not be an event where there is a parade of speakers on the platform selling you something. There will be no selling from the stage. And if a speaker is here, they are here for a very specific reason on the growth plan that we are helping you create. This is meticulously and expertly planned to be, as the title says, The Ultimate Business Mastery Summit.
A Final Word On Your Team:
Heres what happens when you do not bring your team. Lets say that Tony gets on stage and for three hours (as an example), in a super high-energy and compelling way, takes you on a journey that not only upgrades your skills, but forever alters the way you look at your business and how it should be managed and improved. You are profoundly and forever affected.
You now take that learning curve back to your organization and try to explain it to your team. Thats hard work. And they never fully grasp it like you do. Now multiply that across five solid days and ten spectacular speakers and think of trying to explain that to your key staff members?
Conversely, what if you had that staff with you at the event, learning with you, evolving with you, sharing in the full experience in every way? You huddle together during the workshops, you give assignments, you choose tasks, you share ideas, you ALL come back supercharged and READY TO GO. In the marathon best seller, "The Art of War," the number one essential to victory as stated by Sun Tzu is: "He will win whose army is animated with the same spirit throughout all its rank." What this means is that to be truly successful today, your entire organization must be in complete alignment. That doesnt happen if only the company owner attends a landmark breakthrough event like this one.
Which method do you think would serve you more effectively? We strongly urge you to bring your key staff members. Let these fantastic trainers do all the heavy lifting for you. Let them upgrade the views and skill of your staff for you. Dont work so hard. Isnt it worth a couple thousand per executive to give them a serious skill upgrade? While at the helm of GE, Jack Welch spent $250,000 per year for each key executive by getting them constant training and guidance by key experts to constantly improve their skills. What are you spending on your key staff? Arent they worth this investment?
Since this program is designed to be a program that begins a new period of management, marketing and selling for companies, the event is by invitation only. Each applicant must be evaluated before being invited to attend. If you are interested, you need to apply today.
Go to www.chetholmes.com/tony/index3.htmlnow and apply right now. First come, first serve.
To your success!
The Anthony Robbins Companies and the team of exceptional Trainers and experts at The Ultimate Business Mastery Summit.
Other experts at this event include:
Chet Holmes: "Americans greatest Sales and Marketing Executive," Chet is bringing new concepts in marketing never shared before on any stage. Imagine being able to create market share where none exits-and a lot of it. Like maybe ten times more than youre getting now and all almost overnight. Chet will be showing this exclusive technique at this event.
Brad Smart: The worlds leading authority on hiring today.
Jay Abraham (Forbes calls "the real deal of marketing geniuses")
Stephen M. R. Covey, author of Speed of Trust (how to dramatically accelerate trust in all relationships)
Sales Guru Andy Miller. Andy teaches how to help the client sell themselves. You simply ask all the right questions. Brilliant sales methodology.
Three different billionaires.
And FIVE (count them) of the worlds leading most experts on marketing on the internet (where now fully 85% of all purchasing originates today).
Between the two of them, Tony and Chet have assembled the finest team of experts in the world today for growing, managing and marketing your company with much greater effectiveness.
How does this effect you?
How would you like to be there when history is made? More importantly, how would you like to be the absolute first person to learn the most advanced concepts in managing, marketing and selling today? These concepts are going to shift commerce and if you learn them first, they will dramatically accelerate your ability to get clients and close a much higher % of them as you go.
The world is evolving at a blinding pace and this is your chance to be at the absolute front of that. And negotiate in advance what these ideas are worth to you and only pay the majority of that money if the ideas deliver and only if they deliver what you tell us you need to make those ideas worth it to you.
So if you want to be first and pay the majority of your tuition to learn this material after you succeed, than go and apply to attend.

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