11 Ways to Lose Weight

By: Sarah Carlye

The basics of weight loss is simple-burn more calories than you consume. It is of course easier said than done. Trying to lose weight can become boring and it can be difficult to maintain motivation. One way to avoid that is to have a general weight loss plan that includes variation on ways to lose weight. Your basic weight loss plan can include the following:

* Exercise routine
* Specific daily calorie intake
* Scheduled weekly day off

Once you have a basic weigh loss plan, you can then include one or more of the following 11 ways to loose weight.

1. Indulge once a week-have a bowl of pasta, a donut, or an ice cream sundae. You are less likely to quit dieting if you take a break regularly. It may also prevent a plateau in weight loss. Eat the high calorie foods early in the day to give yourself more time to burn the calories.

2. Reduce the number of sodas consumed-though diet soda may not add calories, the artificial sweeteners may have ingredients that slow weight loss or may contribute to weight gain. Sodas may also contribute to water weight gain.

3. Increase water intake-water has no calories plus it will help keep you hydrated which increases energy. Drink a glass of water before drinking high calorie beverages.

4. Use a pedometer-see how much you normally walk and find ways to increase the number of steps daily and weekly. Walking 4,000 to 5,000 steps a day will help prevent weight gain. Increasing the steps will encourage weight loss.

5. Wear a fitness walking shoe-Stepgym, Sketchers, Curves, MBT Chapa GTX, and other similar shoes will stimulate the muscles to work harder while walking as part of a weight loss program or walking to increase fitness.

6. Keep a food journal-you probably eat and drink more than you realize. Make a list of everything you eat and drink and in what amounts in a small notebook. At the end of the day total the calories. At the end of the week you can average your calorie intake and adjust your diet accordingly.

7. Give away clothes that don’t fit-there is no reason to plan for failure by having clothes that are too big for you waiting in the closet for when you gain weight. Give those clothes away and move on. Don’t have clothes you can’t wear yet either, that could be discouraging.

8. Park at the spot farthest from the entrance-of course, only do so if safe, but when you park farther when banking, doing errand, shopping, etc. you will increase the calories burned.

9. Cut up veggies ahead of time-most vegetables can be stored in water or airtight bag to stay fresh. Often “convenient” food is high in calories and low in nutrition.

10. Buy a large mirror to put at the table-studies show people who see themselves eat will eat less food, often as much as one-third less.

11. Cook only enough servings for one meal-if you must cook larger amounts due to time availability or because leftovers are used for lunches, put extra servings away before beginning the meal.

Not every idea for weight loss will work every day or every week, so try out different ones and repeat the ones that work best. Keep it mixed up so that you don’t get bored with your weight loss plan. Go to StepGym.com to find out how a fitness toning shoe can help you meet your weight loss goals.

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