101 Days of Motivation For You!

By: Emma Summers

1. Donít Work Too Hard Or You Will Risk Burnout.
2. Set Doable Goals That You Can Frequently Check Off
3. Surround Yourself With Contacts Who Encourage You
4. Speak Positively About Yourself
5. Begin Early When Your Mind Is Most Active
6. Have A Good Breakfast Before You Begin The Day
7. Regularly Connect With Your Peers To Talk About Successes
8. Map Your Progress - Thereís Nothing Better Than Seeing Where You Have Come From
9. Reward Yourself For Achieving Goals And Targets.
10. Take Time Out To Have Some Fun
11. Relax And Listen To Your Ipod
12. Go For A Walk Or A Run And Get Some Fresh Air
13. Consistently Shake Up Your Routine - Donít Let Things Get boring
14. Make The Best Of Your Job.
15. Have Goals In Sight- A White Board Is Great For This
16. Study Goals Daily Before Starting Work
17. Make Your Goals Public
18. Visualize Your Goals -Donít Just Read Them
19. Grab Yourself a Coach
20. Test Yourself Constantly
21. Dream Big, On no account Stop Dreaming
22. Take Regular Breaks
23. Turn On The Air-Conditioning, Fan or Just Open The Window To Let Some Fresh Air In
24. Have Consequences For Unachieved Goals
25. Bear in mind Why You Are Doing What You Are Doing
26. Make A Collage Of Your Dreams
27. Identify Your Excuses And Have A Response Ready
28. Recognize That Having ĎDowní Days Is Just Part Of Life
29. Count Your Blessings
30. Have A Dream For Your Life
31. Feed Your Passion
32. Read A Motivational Book
33. Help Someone Else Out And Get Your Mind Off Of Yourself
34. Take Advantage Of The Times You Are Highly Motivated
35. Make A List Of Things To Do For The Day
36. Donít Work In Your Night clothes!
37. Set Your Business Hours And Stick To Them - Even If You Work From Home
38. Make Sure You Are Doing Something You Enjoy
39. Delegate Or Outsource The Jobs You Donít Like
40.Block Your Means Of Procrastinating (Web Surfing, Emails, etc)
41. Know The Difference Between A Reason And An Excuse
42. Do Something New
43. Have A Competition With Your Friends
44. Listen To Motivational Tapes
45. Make Sure You Are Eating
46. Be Accountable To A Friend
47. Sometimes Just Let Your Mind Wander - Let Creativity Flow
48. Let Past Failures Fuel Your Motivation
49. Get Excited About Your Dreams
50. Teach Others What You Know
51. Take A Holiday
52. Stay Confident And You Will Stay Motivated
52. Ask For Help
53. Study Magazines And Success Stories In Your Field Of Work
54. When You Donít Feel Like Doing Anything, At Least Do Something
55. Turn The TV Off When You Are Working
56. Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals -Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic And Time Based
57. When You Are Struggling, Focus On The Enjoyment Jobs
58. Feel Good About Yourself
59. Sit Up Straight - Good Posture Promotes Good Breathing
60. Chose Never To Give Up
61. Get Some Sleep - Tiredness Causes Unnecessary Troubles
62. Laugh Often
63. Watch ĎThe Secretí
64. Accept That Mistakes Happen
65. Donít Take Criticism On Your Business Personally
66. Do What You Love And Love What You Do
67. Always Be On The Lookout For Opportunites
68. See Your Competitors As Future Partners
69. Get Angry, Then Do Something About it
70. Have A Spotless Workspace
71. Face A Window And Take Time To Look Out It
72. Donít Get Jealous - Be Happy For Others Success
73. Decide Not To Let Short Term Problems Affect Your Long Term Goals
74. Make Affirmation Statements
75. Get Some Put Plants For Your Office
76. Wear Comfortable Shoes
77. Take A Break And read Your Favourite Blogs
78. Drink Plenty Of Water
79. Aim To Prove Others Wrong
80. Stop And Be Thankful For What You Have
81. Donít Isolate Yourself
82. Find Successful Role Models To Look Up Too
83. Have A Sense Of Humour
84. Do things Your Way - Donít Try And Copy Others
85. Have A Favourite Quote To Bring Out On Necessary Occasions
86. Rotate Between Boring Tasks
87. Keeps Your Eyes On The Prize And Donít Look Back
88.Treat Yourself
89. Donít Try And Do More Than One Thing At A Time
90. Loser Is Not Your Middle Name So Donít Tell Yourself You Are One
91. Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy
92. Stay Organized And Keep Processes Simple
93. Believe In Yourself
94. Share Your Achievements
95. Be Patient
96.Think Of All The Hard Work That Would Be Useless If You Quit Now
97. Make Sure You Have A Balance Between Work & Family/Friends
98. Focus On Now, Donít Worry About The Future
99. Become Addicted To What You Are Doing
100. Continually Readjust Your Goals Upwards
101. Remember That Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal So Make Sure That You Enjoy Every Day!

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