10 Ways to Reduce Waste in the City

By: Amy Nutt...

Waste can be anything from physical objects that become litter on the ground to chemicals and other environmental pollutants. Many people want to be able to reduce the amount of waste or waste management they contribute to their city, but it can be hard to know where to start.
Here are 10 ways people can make a difference without even going too far out of their way:
1. Recycle. Local recycling centers all have bins that can be purchased to separate recyclables from the trash. Most cities also offer a pick-up service either weekly or bi-weekly. 2. Reuse. Another of the three 'R's, reusing as many things as possible seriously puts a dent in the amount of trash that goes out. Did the queen size sheet get torn? It doesn't need to be thrown out because there are lots of people who could make use of the fabric. Same applies for broken down electronics and furniture.
3. Drink water. A filter for the refrigerator is a great way to prevent a plastic bottle build up in the trash can and keeps people healthy too. 4. Volunteer. There are many highways that need to be cleaned up and anyone can volunteer to do it. If that seems overwhelming, even just picking up one piece of trash from the ground a day can make a difference over time.
5. Keep a cup. Refills are available at a lot of gas stations and food places. Many will sell special cups that are able to be washed and will offer a discount on the price of a drink when refilling that cup. 6. Avoid over-packaging. Besides asking for paper instead of plastic, people should also consider the packaging on the things they buy. Single wrapped bread, bulk items, and reusable container products all reduce potential waste
7. Cook. Cooking in the home means fewer wrappers, packages, and other pre-made food waste. It also gives the opportunity to make healthier meals and create smaller portions. 8. Careful shopping. Some products want people to pay more because they will last a lot longer. Despite the higher prices, that's a good reason for people to make the extra investment. It will save the environment and even a wallet to buy a product once and have it last for ten years than buy a product for a third of the price and throw it out every year.
9. Buy an upgradable computer. Technology is always advancing and city dumps are filled with leftover computer parts. Most computers can be upgraded so rather than buy a new one to keep up with the times a person can simply buy new parts to install. Computer stores and shops can help with this process.
10. Go hybrid. There are many models of hybrid cars now and all of them cut down on the amount of gas a person needs to use. It's a great option for those who can afford it and some people may even be eligible for a tax break when the make the purchase.

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