10 Ways to Maintain Work-Life Balance

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10 Ways to Maintain Work-Life Balance

Your colleague seems to be always relaxed and chilled out even in times of distress and deadlines. You want to know the secret? In the days of hectic schedule and deadline pressures you need something extra to cope with the burdens. There are lots of ways to reduce the stress level in workplace. There are in fact 10 brilliant ways in which you can balance life and work.

Exercise is undisputedly the best stressbuster. Research has proven that exercise works wonders with knotted and tightened muscles which are a common phenomenon in the workplace. Switch on to small free hand exercises to reduce the pressure. A walk around the block or a bike ride after dinner will simply help you to relax. Try munching on some healthy snacks while at your desk. Craving for chocolate donut or chips is a common feature among people who are in high stress jobs, especially if they are working late. Although the high sugar comfort foods taste good they are bad for your body as they are full of saturated fat. In case you have severe hunger pangs, you can always have a handful of popcorn. It is healthy and causes no harm.

How about taking a resolution of following ten simple rules to maintain the balance between life and work? See that you are having enough water throughout the day. Dehydration is one of the primary causes for lack of mental clarity and confusion. People who tend to work under a lot of stress should switch from coffee to water. Excessive caffeine is really harmful for your health. Are you having the panic attacks before every presentation? It is time to clear that mental road block. Take a deep breath and start your day. You can just do 3 minutes of deep breathing and you will fell relaxed. This also helps you to control your anger and irritation. Whatever you do during the day, you should have enough sleep during night. If you are feeling tired all throughout the day, it is for sure that the body is not getting enough sleep.

It is time to move on from the stress-in-everything zone to the no-stress section. Whatever jobs we are doing, the first thing is to organize everything. You should keep track of the deadlines and work accordingly. Try not being the 11th hour person, and feeling the pressure while working. Once you start working on a deadline, you should keep track how much remains unfinished. You can set up a calendar so that you know the pace in which you are working. You can in this way create you own deadlines and even finish the job before time. Variety is the spice of life. You should create diversion in work to make it interesting. Instead of working in a single project, start working on multiple projects devoting 20 to 30 minutes per project.

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