10 Tips To Achieving The Super Affiliates Sales Numbers You Hear About

By: Art Penz

Itís a common misconception that affiliate sales are a great way to get rich quick Ė find a great product, write a great sales pitch and youíre home. Thatís the reason so many affiliates drop by the wayside.

To succeed in affiliate sales you need to build confidence among those who read what you have to say. Only then will they follow your advice and buy the products you are promoting. Here are some tips on how to go about this.

1. Select a good product or service to sell. Affiliates often overlook the importance of what they sell. Make sure you know your product, like it and can stand behind what you sell.

2. A heart felt personal endorsement of your site can do more than a zillion banner ads.

3. People search the internet looking for information and they will only buy products they find if they trust the affiliate or company recommending them.

Be honest and frank with your message and website.

4. There's no point cluttering your pages with banners and links Ė what service are you providing that will make them buy based on what you say? Think of the visitors needs and address them first. Forget about sales for a moment. Just provide information in a clear and convincing way. Build up trust, the way you would talking to a friend.

5. Once you have done that, you can talk about sales and how to buy the product. You have already established an understanding of the product and a feeling of trust in what you have to say, so if the visitor wants to buy, why not do it through you, the trusted affiliate?

6. Donít promote too many products. People never read everything on a page and if there are too many things being recommended, they will just glance over them without paying attention to the details and reasons why they should follow your advice.

7. To do this it is key that you know your product. Use it, read about it, know how it works, then you will be able to assume the viewpoint of your audience and really sell it!

8. Avoid hype and over selling your products. Affiliate sales are all about building trust. If you sound like a snake oil salesman, what's in it for the visitor? Why listen to what you have to say?

9. Try to get email addresses of your visitors. Most people wonít buy the first time they visit your pages. But if you can follow up with useful updates and new inputs on your products, they will come back to you when they decide to buy.

10. WORK! Yes, I know it is crazy, but you will need to put in a little effort to make your affiliate campaigns work. Set a schedule, make a plan and get it done!

Try out these tips and see how your affiliate performance improves and your sales jump.

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