10 Sexiest Cosplay Outfits From CosplayErotica

By: Jamie Nebeker

Sandy The Chameleon Nude Cosplay

Girl with gun from Safari. Girl is leaving for the jungle today. They want to observe monkeys, crocodiles, hippos and zebras. What can she do in her holiday with her body...

Valery The Escape Route Nude Cosplay

Alice cosplay set from the movie Resident Evil with Valery. Milla Jovovich plays the character in the movie version. She only had to take off her clothes and show everything.

Aya Brea (Parasite Eve) Nude Cosplay

Aya Brea is a player character and main protagonist in the Parasite Eve series of science fiction horror video games. Aya is portrayed as a strong-willed, intelligent, honest, compassionate, sensitive and kind heroine. She also tends to be pretty sarcastic, cold, and brooding, though she isn't without a sense of humor.

Julia Vs Fay Valentine (Cowboy Bebop) Adult Cosplay

Julia is a beautiful and mysterious woman versus Fay Valentine from Cowboy Bebop. These two sexy woman (Angela, Mea Lee ) found each other and enjoyed the moment on the floor in Cosplayerotica virtual world.

Kayla The Basic Pleasure Model Nude Cosplay

Pris from Blade Runner. She using a fighting style combining both martial arts and acrobatics.

Claire (Resident Evil) Nude Cosplay

Claire from Resident Evil. Claire is very much a tomboy, but she has some traits that make her more girly than she appears. She is the quick witted, strong-willed.

Psylocke (X-Men 3: The Last Stand) Nude Cosplay

Ginger is very nasty model . The character is Psylocke (also known as Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock) from the X-Men 3: The Last Stand. Psylocke has the ability to teleport herself through areas of shadow.

Sailor Moon Nude Cosplay

The inspiration was coming from the anime series Sailor Moon. Our cosplay babe Angela Blanche was the model. This young, fresh and girl-like character suits her perfectly.

Marylin In Sexual Intelligence Nude Cosplay

Rommie is the Android avatar of the Andromeda Ascendan. Rommie's nature as an artificial construct provides her abilities that would be considered superpowers by humans, such as super strength and speed, resistance to injury, and heightened senses.

Chie Satonaka (Persona 4) Nude Cosplay

Lieutenant Zofia "assists" the player character during the Soviet campaign of Red Alert 2. Zofia is the Russian intelligence adviser. She is technically the Soviet counterpart of Lieutenant Eva Lee. She differs from Eva in that she does not play a large role other than a military adviser.

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