10 Red Flags That Show A Work-at-Home Job Is A Scam

By: Jami Daugherty

There are definitely some red flags that often prove that a job is a scam. If you see a job that has one or more of these I would definitely stay away, and whatever you do, don't give them any money, your Social Security number or any banking information.
The company emailed you out of the blue and you didn't apply for the job or contact them in any way.
The company is trying to prove something by adding words like legitimate or guaranteed to their business name.
The email address is from a free email account such as hotmail, aol, yahoo, or gmail.
You can't find any information on them at www.ratracerebellion.com, www.workplacelikehome.com, or www.wahm.com.
They don't have any other contact information besides an email address.
They hire you without an interview or reviewing your resume.
The job description says "No Experience Necessary".
It's a pyramid scheme of any type where you recruit others to work under you.
The job title is vague or includes the words rebate processor, data entry, stuff envelopes, home assembly, process claims, or anything of that nature.
The job simply sounds too good to be true.
Because a job falls under one of these doesn't necessarily mean that it is a scam but it definitely means you need to be careful and do a ton of research on them. I definitely recommend looking for information about the job at the websites listed in step 4 first.
If you can find others who have heard of the company, worked for the company, or can provide you with more information about the company you are off to a good start. Next I would go to www.ripoffreport.com to see if there is any information listed about the company there.
You can never be too cautious when trying to find a work at home job. There are tons of people out there who make a living just by scamming others. So many people are wanting to work at home these days because of the rising gas prices and other reasons that the market is flooded. People often get so excited about a job offer that they don't do the required homework.
Definitely take your time as you look into a job and remember to always go with your instinct. If something is telling you that a job is too good to be true then you are probably right.

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