10 Reasons to Cook with Palm Oil

By: Mel Joelle

Palm oil is a common cooking oil that is made from the African palm plant. In its natural state, it is red or orange colored, due to the amount of beta carotene it contains. It loses its color and becomes clear when it is boiled. Palm Oil is used for cooking, to make margarine, and used often in many processed foods. It is a natural food product that has been around for over five thousand years. There are many reasons to use Palm Oil when you are cooking, and its health benefits are numerous.

Reasons to cook with Palm Oil

1. Palm Oil is safe to use – Palm Oil has been used for thousands of years in countries all over the world. It is still used in many countries on a regular, even daily, basis. Palm Oil has been used over and over again by the manufacturers of processed foods and by people in their homes. It is currently one of the most commonly used oils in countries worldwide.
2. Palm Oil is a wonderful source of energy. Palm Oil is easy for your body to digest and supplies much of the fatty acids needed in diets around the world. Because of its ability to be easily digested, it also helps your body to absorb the other nutrients it needs quickly.
3. Palm Oil contains no cholesterol and no trans unsaturated fatty acids. Some studies have shown that Palm Oil may reduce harmful blood clotting.
4. Palm Oil is a great source of carotenoids, which some studies have shown can assist in preventing some types of cancer.
5. Palm Oil is also a good source of Vitamin E antioxidants. Vitamin E antioxidants have been shown in studies to help slow down cellular aging as well as other harmful health issues.
6. Palm Oil is a better oil to cook with because it does not produce as much smoke as other oils when subjected to high heats.
7. Palm Oil is in a semi solid form at room temperature. This makes measuring and storing much easier than with other oils.
8. Palm Oil is easily metabolized and ready for use in the body soon after consumption. This makes it much healthier compared to oils that stay in your body much longer because they are harder for your body to metabolize.
9. Palm Oil has been shown to be good for many parts of your body, including your heart, brain, and immune system.
10. Palm Oil is widely available. In recent years, it has become one of the most extensively produced forms of vegetable oils, rivaled only by soybean oil.

Having been around for so long, it is amazing how few people know of the health benefits of Palm Oil. It is being used by doctors and some government agencies to treat certain illnesses as well as to improve general nutritional well being. As with any product, it is a good idea to research Palm Oil’s benefits and uses. In addition to being a wonderful and healthy oil to cook in, Palm Oil is also used in making margarine and other products in many countries.

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