10 Essentials For the Ideal Workplace

By: Mel Joelle

Ditch the old hard rolling chairs. Upgrade to chairs with lumbar support that deliver soft elbow rests and support from the lower back up to your head. Its ideal for the moment at the end of the day when you sigh, think of all youve accomplished and devise your next ds duties. The ideal chair should give you a 90-degree posture, while your feet rest on the ground

* Let Ergonomic be more than a word. Let it be your state of feeling. Would you trust your back to an inferior mattress? Why risk your hands. Get desks for your office that allows your hands to bend at a 90-degree angle, so youre not stretching too far to type. Make sure the desk contains filing drawers for easy access. The ideal desk is easy to move, but durable. Also consider side desks positioned across the room for your printer. The few steps give your eyes a few seconds of relief from the computer screen.

Go ergonomic with designer keyboards and mice. Let a soft-risk pad compliment the keyboard, to give your arms a soft place to take a break when youve finished crafting that PowerPoint presentation to persuade your offices power players.

Go Green. Newer, environmentally responsible materials are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they say very good things about your company.

Make the work space a canvas for creativity. Most of your writing will be at your desk. But for those big ideas, get a dry-erase white board. Here you can outline projects, create flowcharts, sketch blueprint drafts. Then erase it all and start over whenever you want.

Consider installing cubicles, or modular office furniture that gives each employee their own personal wall space to decorate as they like. It will make them feel more at home.

Dont lose, file! A filing cabinet is a must-have. A well-organized filing cabinet with folders, labels and alphabetic organization saves time. No more shuffling through stacks of paper, losing time in a scramble to find the invoice you swear you sent, but the client says you didnt. Purchase a two-drawer file for immediate access beneath your desk. Take the next step with a four-drawer rectangular cabinet standing eye level for important, but not immediate files.

A label maker creates customized labels for boxes, bins and folders, so you know which box to search for among the dozens filed away six months ago into that dusty corner.

Before you file, sort. The best way to sort is with trays, boxes and CD storage slots. While plastic furnishings are an affordable option, solid wood trays and vertical files add class and style that translates to clients and create personal esteem about your job.

Re-think the cube. Cubicle is a dirty word in many workplaces. But it can be a gatekeeper and a godsend for those special sales pitches, too important to be interrupted. Manufactures produce cubicles in everything from cloth fabric with metal frames to all metal, wood veneer, or laminate styles. Cubicles can even include glass windows so you can see your neighbor when you stand, but be in your own quiet haven when you sit.

If youre on a tight budget, but dont want to sacrifice comfort, try re-manufactured furniture. The cheaper price tag does not mean you sacrificed quality and style, just you know your money could be better used elsewhere. Also that re-manufactured, polished table purchased at half-price can be the ultimate icebreaker for the awkward business meeting.

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