10 Benefits of Using a Voip Service

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If you have heard of the term Voip service you either know a little or a lot about this internet based form of communication. Using the internet to make and take phone calls has many benefits both for businesses and for personal use – here are the 10 main benefits of using a Voip service:
1. Using a Voip service is much cheaper than using a traditional telephone service – this can sometimes be by up to 90%.
2. Unlimited calls on certain plans – many of the Voip service providers will offer a fixed payment for unlimited calls per month. This type of plan is massively beneficial for businesses who need to make hundreds of calls to certain areas each month.
3. Portability – as you can now use laptops in Wi Fi hot spots if you have your Voip service loaded onto your laptop you can make and take calls wherever you are.
4. Extra features – with a Voip service you can have extra features that will not be included with a regular telephone package – such as voice mail checking via a PC, faxing services, video conferencing and more.
5. Extra phone lines at no extra cost – this can be a huge consideration for many businesses as the cost for additional phone lines can really mount up and be very expensive. When using a Voip service there is no need to run extra lines into a property, simply speak to your Voip provider who will be only too happy to set up additional lines for you.
6. Flexibility – if you decide that you need a certain feature on your Voip plan speak to your Voip service provider and have that feature added to your plan. This allows businesses and homes to tailor make their own telephone plan.
7. Excellent quality lines – as all communication is being conducted via the internet the clarity of the audio output from a Voip service is excellent – no more crackling lines or distorted audio when you make Voip calls.
8. Free PC to PC calls – for people who are signed up to the same Voip service as each other all PC to PC calls are totally free –forever. You don’t have to make any payments whatsoever to benefit from this type of service – something that you will not find with a traditional telephone service provider.
9. Increased work from home options – if you own a call centre but don’t have the space to take on more workers you can have them working from home using Voip. This means that you can have more workers and increase profits without having to pay for more office space.
10. Cheap long distance calls – anyone who regularly makes long distance calls will know just how much money they can cost. With Voip these costs are kept to minimum meaning that you don’t have to cut your conversations short ever again.
As shown there are plenty of benefits of using a Voip service and these are why so many businesses and homes right now are switching over and us

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