10 Advantages of Working From Home

By: Justine Simard

The benefits of working from home are numerous. More and more people are making the transition towards working at home, either by starting their own home business or telecommuting with their current employer. Here is a list of advantages I personally benefit from with my home-based business.
1. Save time on commuting.
So many hours are lost in travelling time. The time you save on commuting can be re-assigned to other things, such as family time, sleep or exercise. Why not start work an hour earlier and finish earlier?
2. Save money and get tax benefits.
You will save money on travel expenses such as petrol, parking, tolls, car insurance or public transport, as well as other expenses such as clothing, lunch and coffee. You can even save on daycare or after school care fees. Best of all, you will get deductions on your tax for all expenses related to your home business, and this can even include electricity and mortgage costs!
3. Be your own boss.
Anyone who has ever been frustrated with the unpractical demands of a boss can imagine the benefits of being your own boss! Being able to do things your way, make your own schedule, make final decisions and avoid unnecessary meetings can be a real asset to one's productivity and job satisfaction.
4. Develop broad skills and choose your functions.
When you work for yourself, you rely on yourself to get the job done. In particular, running your own home business will give you an all-inclusive job description and seeing a project from start to finish is often very gratifying. Ultimately, you choose your functions; why not outsource the tasks you don't enjoy doing? Now that's an option you don't have when you work for someone else!
5. Be productive.
You won't be interrupted by spontaneous visits from colleagues and meetings you do not benefit from anymore. Turn the phone off if you want to.
6. Personally benefit from your hard work.
You now create results for yourself because you own the outcome! Aside from the obvious financial rewards, there are important emotional rewards as well! You motivation and pride will increase as you devote yourself to succeeding.
7. Create your ideal work environment.
Get yourself a window! Choose your air conditioning setting, lighting and colour scheme. Make your office inspiring and comfortable.
8. Improve your health.
Working from home allows you to incorporate new healthy habits into your daily routine. Have healthy lunches at home, no more junk food from the take-away! Exercise daily at the time that suits you, even if is in the middle of your working hours. Sleep in, your office is only seconds away. Feel relaxed and energised with your new regimen.
9. Be available for family or personal commitments.
Pick up your kids after school or attend their school performances or sport games. Mind them while they are sick without having to take a full day off work. Be home in time for a family dinner. Drive your friend to a doctor's appointment. Attend personal events without asking for approval. Make up for your absences in your own time. This is freedom.
10. Have flexibility to do housework.
Now you can incorporate into your daily routine some household chores. Getting some things done during the week will give you more free time to enjoy the weekend! Remember, you have more time now that you don't commute! You can also be home for the repairman without leaving work and wasting time, and even make personal calls without hiding!

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