09 low-end buying conduit re-projection Net sales scheme into the mainstream

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"Projector market this year contrasted with last year it is very tough to augment up the same." Projectors for the Shanghai supervisor of the United States looked concerned YE IT Business Net to articulate reporter. Affected by economic urgent position, China's projector market, displaying a stagnant position, if it is enterprise, learning or dwelling, gaze at all from the poor presentation of the market.
09 low-end projector market "shopping the battlefield," the "price war" is looked frontwards to to change
But while worrying, YE is also seen from the risk of new opportunities, launched by the country's "culture of sharing, rural areas far from the Education" project, given the projector industry has brought new hope, about 7-10 million Units of the total demand in 2009 has become the manufacturer of the hot battle.
Ye Ping said, BenQ projector Code taken on by God in Guizhou "cultural sharing" Units of more than 2000 large, solitary, so many of manufacturers have observed the "students" hope. Hence, in 2009 low-end enterprise devices will have a certain degree of growth. In augmentation, said Ye Ping, KTV, universal-type device, for instance low-end household market, the consequence of the fiscal critical purpose is quite tiny, in 2009 will be a new market growth.
Speaking of low-end market, has to refer to the projector market since the 2008 outbreak of the "price war", it will be because the financial crisis, in order to seize the market, manufacturers continue to perform in 2009 at the "price war"? YE first is undeniable that companies did not continue to go low-cost route, instead of price against the market trend, we are by controlling the supply, to reduce the special means of a single projector to enhance the price. Sony projector such as the current push in the new non-stop, and new products have increased the overall price. BenQ control at source, once the shortage of goods on the market, it is bound to increase. Including Toshiba, and many other projector brands are the trend of prices. YE analysis that "price war" is so thin a growing distributor of profit, which also lost its U.S. sales enthusiasm. Manufacturers are also concerned about this point, in other words, a thin distribution of profits, firms must also thin profits, if the vendor is not stopped, eventually the first manufacturers are certainly fallen. Therefore, a lot of manufacturers in 2009 relaxed the channels a lot of policies, such as Sony, before manufacturers are scheduled to sales, and now the channels themselves are quantitative, the number of references to the number of sales.
Network selling will become the mainstream of the low-end device sales billing research
The new economic situation, the sales model innovation is more important, said Ye Ping, network sales model will become the low-end projector market in the main channel, one to the Net to buy cheap, everyone on the two low-end machine to service requests relatively low, generally do not need to buy too much after-sales service, only cost-effective. In addition, because of the recent run "credit card" has become enthusiastic about all things, so the United States for the start of last year with a number of bundled billing business centers, are bought at first notebook, from the beginning in 2009 also began to intervene in the projector, from the sales, the performance is very good, so the bill could become projector sales of new sales model.
Product channels heavier emphasis on business strategy makers
Financial critical purpose, all population looks like to have become guarded, manufacturers, sellers, principally, Ye Ping said, for a seller for the brand label in the option of branch, the first to analyze the visibility of their yield and repute, Second, manufacturers of enterprise approach, for instance if financial gatherings have expansion strategies, or just upholding the position quo, which are evaluated by if it can carry development to the sellers of the key factors. For sellers, the very needed yield margins, the development of space is more valued for some narrow pathway approach is not even clear their manufacturers, alternatively of support, it is very arduous to deduce distributor.

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