Office Team Building and positive Thinking

By: Brian Middle

Office Team building has not always been a priority with corporations. In fact, it's still not a widely accepted practice. Many corporate or private corporations still feel that it's not worth investing in positive minded principles. !br>
They may like the idea of positive thinking, but when it comes down to the ethics of an organisation, office team building is incredibly idealistic and may be considered too costly for corporations to really invest in.
Choosing not to invest in office team building is not a smart company move, because team building takes into account all of the positive aspects of humanity. Office team building is not built around a commercial venture, however, it may possibly easily be the life blood of a corporation; team building teaches family values to affiliates. The unity of a family unit is usually far more tenacious than that of a money-grabbing organisation.
Idealism And Team Building
Not everyone will adhere to an educational system based on positive values for example love, compassion and spirituality. Some may feel than an idealistic system including office team building would only appeal to idealists, not cynical organisation people who are surviving in a ruthless commercial world. While this is an arguable point, its necessary to understand the concept of idealism and office team building.
For many, positive thinking is associated with blind idealism. Some people think of idealism as sketch comedy material, a person so highly-strung and desperately happy that he or she ignores the reality of the world who substitutes an imaginary vision of easy success.
However, positive thinking…
- Focuses more on people
- Puts faith in other people
- Imagines not an easy vision of success but a vision of what success could be, with some effort put forth.
This is the form of positive thinking that adjusts the world, whereas cynicism only helps to keep society's problems alive.
How Office Team Building Can Help Your Team
Other cynical viewpoints may fault office team building because they believe logical and critical thinking is more necessary than a constructive outlook. However, there is no reason why all of these qualities cannot be utilised in office team building. There is a need to think logically in organisation, and idealism ought to never prevent predicting a incredibly realistic consequence.
Criticism is also necessary for individual and team growth, because with only constant and excessive praise, no one ever really learns. But within office team building there is room for all of these qualities.
Logical thinking is always first place, but logic also tells us that human beings respond to emotion, particularly happy emotions, so employing a system based on positive thinking and idealism makes good business sense. Groups who are unhappy, who are motivated by greed or who are intimidated by management, are not likely to put forth any more effort than a team of energetic and satisfied people.
In fact, the less satisfied people are, the less effort they will put in. Criticism also has a place in office team building, but why can it not be accompanied by praise? Praise ought to always be given when it's due, that way critical comments are easier to take. This keeps the correctional process positive and progressive.
Whether or not positive thinking can change the world today is not the issue. The issue is whether your team can benefit from these ethical values. The response is yes— office team building gets people motivated, keeps their outlook positive and emphasises the true attitude of team work.
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To read more about the different types of office team building events you can arrange for your team, visit You can also get a wide range of corporate event ideas from our professional event organisers.

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