“Using Digital Signage to Promote Education in Primary & Secondary Schools”

By: Risedisplay

Promoting the use of digital signage in educational institutions can easily enhance the scope of learning. While many of us grew up in an age where fliers, bulletin boards, and handouts were the easiest way to spread word of mouth efforts and school assignments, times certainly have changed. Utilizing both LED tickers and LCD display signage to convey a variety of messages in educational facilities have proven to be an effective way of disseminating a plethora of information to a vast body of people.

In primary and secondary educational institutions, digital signage can be a multi-functional technological addition. Remember the days of student council presidents and school administrators turning on the PA system to begin and end each day? For many school districts, those days are gone. The integration of LCD monitors into many a classroom has added a visual element, which is seemingly more engaging than listening to the monotone voice booming from the speaker system. It also provides the opportunity for student news anchors or sports casters to broadcast live through a technological solution that will likely garner and engage the attention of more students than its ancient, one-dimensional counterparts.

Many school districts have opted to leverage digital signage as an additional or replacement mechanism for printed materials. After-school programs can utilize LCD display signage as an educational tool for delivering targeted lessons to students. The flexibility of dynamic content and crisp, clear pictures is not only more engaging than static content, but also likely easier to remember.

Additionally, gone are the days where school lunch schedules were displayed in local newspapers and on bulletin boards. LCD display signage affords administrators the opportunity of promoting healthy food choices and nutritional facts. Additionally, many educational facilities have opted to incorporate LED tickers into their budgets for constantly updated information. From hot lunch schedules to sporting events to faculty meetings and much more, LED tickers have enabled school administrations to provide instant and fresh communication.

Have college recruiters coming into town? Sure, you can probably still rely on the school newspaper to post that information, but the interactive visual element of LCD display signage will more likely grab a student’s attention. Moreover, this visual element is likely going to resonate more easily, boasting its power of persuasion.

Many elementary, middle, and high school systems use “student [or star] of the week” programs as incentives for aiming for honor roll grades. LCD display signage offers an effective solution for highlighting student achievements. In addition to in-school accomplishments, sports teams and other extracurricular clubs may find fame through this medium as well. Using LCD display monitors at school commencements is a sound solution for displaying the entire ceremony to the many proud parents and audience members that have come to see their kinship graduate from larger institutions.

Essentially, digital signage technology provides a more efficient and effective way of displaying school-wide announcements, individual & team accomplishments, faculty meetings, lunch schedules, and live data feeds. Traditional bulletin boards and paper fliers seem to be no match for LCD display signage and LED tickers. Information through these mediums can easily be manipulated from a central point through the simple click of a button. Because of the convenience of digital signage, efficiency is achieved at a more effective pace, which should translate into higher and more frequent rates of success.

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