"The Secret" of Success Through The Laws of Attraction


So far, we looked at how our thoughts and beliefs impact our results in our businesses Ė and life!

If you really want to have meaningful breakthroughs in your career, there's something else you need to understand

Competition or Abundance?

What does that have to do with The Laws of Attraction? What's really behind the intense feeling of competition out there in the business world? Isn't it a belief that there's a limited amount out there so you better get it before someone else does?.Lack of customers, lack of money, lack of leads - focusing on these things will lead to no good. And what have we learned about the negative?

If you want blessings and abundance in your life, then focus your attention on them always. What you focus on you get.What happens if you're always focusing on not having enough? You won't have enough.
The mindset of lack and competition is actually rooted in fear- fear that there wonít be enough to go around. Fear that we wonít get our share. As we said earlier, fear is a very negative emotion, and needs to be quickly replaced.

We encourage you to believe in the concept of Abundance - That there is more than enough to go around, and that the universe (or God) has infinite substance to supply all we need.It's much more effective to really have a desire to help others than to be self focused - which leads to lack. It's hard to get more positive and upbeat than that! The Law of attraction is very clear - whatever you set your intention and focus on, you attract into your life!

The Law of Attraction is more than just creating a successful business for yourself.There's alot more to it than just the money. Itís about living a life of purpose, a life of vision and focus.Living a life of joy and fulfillment is the name of the game.It's very important to have a clear intention in mind when approaching any kind of business. If you create your Vision as we suggested, you will be doing this. Itís about putting people first, itís about integrity, ethics, doing whatís right, and helping others. If you do this, you will be putting The Law of Attraction to work for you in a way that will ensure your success!

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