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Right now is definitely the age of the Internet so it is not any wonder that people are searching for new and lesser-known online business ideas. By exploring little used tricks you will be able to surpass the competition and of course make a lot more money! Making more money is of course the number one goal when hosting an online business! If you think you have already done everything possible to get exposure you are wrong! It does not matter if you are just starting your business or you have been doing it for years, there are always more options available. There are several new and lesser-known online business ideas ranging from the simple and quick to complete website refurbishing. A few of these ideas and tips are featured in this article. There are a few things you can do to your existing business site in order to draw in more consumers. Some only take minutes while others may take a day or two to plan. One idea is to have a well-written ad copy and then tell your customers there is a hidden link within it. Tell them that if they locate the link they will receive a prize by clicking on it. The prize itself can be minimal, but the key is that by hiding the link they've read your entire ad copy and now they are more educated on your product. This makes them more likely to purchase from you. Some new and lesser-known online business ideas come in the form of directories and discussion boards. If you already have a discussion board the key is to make it popular! Offer prizes to those who post 10 times or more per month; this will give them incentive to visit the site again. Directories can be used in the same way, just allow users to post links within it as long as they agree to link back to your site. Other new and lesser-known online business ideas are more in depth. Consider starting or changing your site to a member's only site. In order to gain access your visitors will have to pay unless of course they agree to your free membership plan. Offer them free membership if they agree to link back to your site, host banners, and basically advertise your site in any way possible. They will agree to this most times in order to save money and the entire time it will be earning you money through free advertising! New and lesser-known online business ideas may be as simple as changing the look and the theme of your website. Try changing your site into a free web book. Give it a title page and opening statement followed by a table of contents. Break each area up into chapters and then be as creative as you possibly can. It will visually enhance your site and by placing your banner at the top of each page you will increase your traffic. These are all very easy to do ideas especially if you have been hosting an online business for a while. These new and lesser-known business ideas are still fresh so the key will be to get out there and start doing them as soon as possible. They will allow you to stay ahead of the game. That is always a great way to get ahead in the business world, especially the online business world! Most likely there are many other ways you could improve your business and with research and determination you are sure to find more than are listed in this article. These are among some of the more popular ones. If you think that the new and lesser-known online business ideas will boost your site to the next level you are probably right! Go ahead and give them a try and further your success!

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