‘Bad’ things now good for you – official!

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‘Bad’ things now good for you – official!
Are you aware that research has found that some of those things that were considered bad for your health are now giving scientists and doctors something to think about?
It has been found that red wine – in moderation – is good for the circulation. This was discovered quite by accident when it was noticed that the French and Italians – who consume red wine on a daily basis – fared much better in the heart attack and circulation problems experienced in the rest of the world.
The latest addition to these discoveries is dark chocolate. Yes! Chocolate! It has been proven that small amounts taken on a daily basis can lower moderately high blood pressure – another ‘western’ disease plaguing many.
So, armed with this information, you can send great gift packs for those special occasions without the guilt that some people have been experiencing.
Over at www.bluechopsticks.com they have added a great range of !a href="http://www.bluechopsticks.com/gift_baskets.asp">gift baskets . to their already comprehensive collection. That is the wine collections. There is a price range to suit every pocket and imagine the delight of the recipient when they open this delightfully packaged gift.
If it is a wedding gift, why not try the Champagne and Chocolate gift pack? It retails at between $90 and $250 – depending on your choice of champagne – and comes complete with a chiller in beautiful silver finish. It looks superb and any bride and groom would be delighted to receive it.
Of course, this is not a gift restricted to weddings. How about that special anniversary, or perhaps the ‘landmark’ birthday, or maybe the birth of a much wanted first child? Whatever the occasion, this gift will enchant the recipient.
If chocolate is not required, there is another gift basket which looks particularly charming - the Champagne and Caviar’ basket. This could be for that executive promotion that has been long waited for, or the special wedding anniversary marking a long and healthy marriage. It comes with two ‘splits’ of champagne, a package of caviar, biscuits and even the knife to spread the caviar! All this is packaged in a picnic hamper with decorative bow.
Of course, there are also champagne packs complete with champagne glasses on offer, which are ideal for that ‘well done’ kind of occasion.
Another champagne gift pack is the ‘Champagne Wishes Gift Pack’. As well as the ubiquitous champagne, this superb gift pack is full of nibbles and treats that will satisfy event the most discerning of palates. Truffles, raspberry mustard, crackers, a selection of nuts, candies and sweets are just some of the goodies that you can expect from this great gift pack. All are presented in a charming basket which can be used after the edibles are long gone!
Yet another champagne gift basket is filled with fresh, exotic fruits, cheese and crackers, sausages and candy. All these goodies are packaged in a charming round basket with handle and it looks exceptionally beautiful for that special presentation.
Naturally, it doesn’t always have to be champagne when sending the gift pack or basket. There are many other wine choices on offer at www.bluechopsticks.com.
How about the ‘Park Avenue Gift Basket’? This is an executive collection par excellence. Included in the collection is champagne – of course – a collection of superb wines accompanied by a fabulous array of fine foods. Try out the salmon or the truffles. What about the Brie or the roasted almonds. Whatever your taste, it has to be covered here!
Naturally, this basket doesn’t come cheap. But then you wouldn’t expect it to when you see the array of goodies that come with it. At more than $600 you are really treated to the finest gourmet foods on offer and this basket would be ideal for that very grand occasion or executive gift.
On the other end of the scale, and perhaps for the more usual dinner party gift ideas, are the single bottle gifts which are the more affordable option. But these single bottle gifts are far from mundane. The ‘Wine Anyone’ gift comes complete with an eight inch high butler and bottle stand and festooned with grapes. This would grace any table or kitchen and at under $50 is well within most people’s range.
Another twist on the ‘butler’ idea is the butler figure holding a menu board along with the bottle of wine or champagne. This looks great for the kitchen or dining table when guests are coming.
Are your friends or family game players? Then try sending the Antique Replica Pub game along with a bottle of Merlot wine. The game consists of a finely made wooden box with hand made tiles and dice. The game is played and when all the tiles are turned down the winner has ‘shut the box’ which is the point of the game. What a great way to send wine and give a lasting reminder of you at the same time! At just over $90 this is a gift that will be treasured for years to come.
For the more food conscious amongst you why not try out the ‘Hit the Sauce’ gift basket? This consists of gourmet, liquor-laced sauces. How about a honey and bourbon laced mustard or bourbon based barbeque sauce? Sounds delicious right? These and several others are included in this basket along with liquor flavored coffee plus a greeting card to furnish your personal message.
Whatever your taste, and whatever the size of your wallet, there is something here for everyone. For as little as $30 – and anything up to and over $600 – you can choose that extremely special gift pack for your friends, family or colleagues. Most gift packs come with that ‘something extra’ such as a game, basket or box which can be utilized long after the wine in the gift baskets . or food has been consumed - truly a lasting reminder of the generous gift-giver.
It is not all wine and cheese at www.bluechopsticks.com. This site has every conceivable gift pack and basket for every occasion. The only thing you will be spoiled for is choice!

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