'2011-The Year of Hack- It Made the World Sit and Notice the Hackers' Capability'

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Today, the world is Cyber. Be it searching for a new word meaning, booking tickets, holiday packages or buying the latest gadgets or clothes. Anything that one can imagine under the roof can be bought online today. Undoubtedly, it is a bliss especially for those who are too occupied with their work and home that they are unable to step outside their comfort zones to shop for even the basic necssessities. But with this bliss comes a threat as well. The threat of losing one's important personal data such as banking details and other secured information. The higher you go up the ladder, higher are the possibilities of your falling down. This is the kind of risk every individual is taking who is sharing his personal information on the internet. If one goes by the statistics, 2011 was the year when the world became better versed with the online-digital world. With this came its other consequences as well. Many instances when the security was breached made '2011-The year of hack'.
Breachers across the world were as though on some specific agenda or mission which took a toll on many companies and institutes' financial stability and balance sheet. Starting from February, where Iranian hackers hijacked the website of Voice of America, which was aimed at Mrs. Clinton to warn her not to intervene with any muslim country and their issues. Similarly, Sony, Epilson, Amazon Web services, Ritz-CArlton hotel personal and important data were stolen illegally by various hacking groups.
It is extremely important and essential that one is cautious and careful about his data storage especially the banking and personal information. Along with digitalization, cyber crime is also on the rise. Illegal hackers leave no stone unturned to take advantage of even the minutest loophole or carelessness on your part. To secure information and data, big companies are hiring hackers who ethically and legally protects their data by the illegal crackers. The word, 'hacking' itself creates ripples and raises many eyebrows on the word go. It attracts a lot of attention and creates the necessary curiousity amongst everyone. But more than often there is a misconception among people about what actually a 'hacker' does? Also, it often is linked or intervened with a 'cracker'. One needs to understand that a 'hacker' and a 'cracker' are two entirely different terms; each defining rather opposite meanings. To state the difference between the two, one can simply say that a hacker is legal while a cracker is illegal.
Data security should be of utmost importance for any organisation-be it small, medium or big. Today, as everything is stored electronically, it gets imperative that when one signs up with any ISP (Internet Service Provider), he makes it a point to ensure that his data would be secured and isn't easily accessible to hackers. Public networks are at greatest risk as they can be viewed and reviewed by unknowns at any time. Apart from having a strong and case sensitive password, one should also know about the basics of IT security. Only then can they achieve the desired and prevent their essential, personal and useful data from getting leaked. Hiring an information security consultant would help you further from losing any credentials or important data. This way one can hope that the world does not get another, 2011-The year of hack.

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